iSpring Suite

PowerPoint to HTML5 Converter

Convert your content to a mobile-ready HTML5 format with the best-engineered tools from iSpring Suite 7.1

Discover widest possibilities for PowerPopint to HTML5 conversion with perfect quality. Enjoy the ultimate set of cool features provided by iSpring:

  • convert PowerPoint to HTML5
  • create video presentations
  • protect your content
  • fine-tune smart customizable player

New features available:

  • PPT-to-Video
  • Publishing directly to iSpring Cloud or YouTube account
  • Support for Tin Can API version 1.0.X

Advanced authoring toolkit that helps develop impressive e-Learning content with no programming required.

  • Perfectly engineered
  • Fully integrated with PowerPoint
  • Optimized for mobile devices

Perfect Integration with PowerPoint
iSpring Suite 7.1 simply adds a tab to the PowerPoint banner and provides access to all the advanced e-Learning features right in the familiar PowerPoint environment.

Converts even sophisticated PowerPoint effects

Generate Volumes of E-Learning Content
Create compelling courses, video lectures, quizzes and assessments. Using a wide variety of e-Learning materials, your presentations will make the learning process far more effective for your students.

E-Learning Courses and Video Lectures
Turn your PowerPoint projects into engaging and effective e-Learning courses. It’s easy to give your content an upgrade with advanced features provided by iSpring Suite:

  • Characters to add personal touch
  • Notes with brief explanations
  • “Talking head” videos

Interactive Quizzes and Surveys
Build smart interactive quizzes and surveys to supplement the whole course or create a self-contained assessment to keep up with your learners’ level of knowledge.

Create efficient quizzes of varying complexity and supercharge your course with a large assortment of capabilities of iSpring’s built-in quiz maker tool:

  • 23 question types, including drag-and-drops
  • Advanced branching scenarios
  • Customizable slide appearance
  • Audio and video insertion

Rich Media Interactions
Present learning materials in a clear and impressive way. Be assured that all the interactions will be viewable from any device. All of them – Book, Timeline, Directory, and FAQ – will work perfectly in a mobile-ready HTML5 format.

Energize Your Content with Characters
Design cross-platform e-Learning content for any device your learners prefer: iSpring Suite 7 easily converts
your PowerPoint projects to a mobile-ready HTML5 format.

Tell your story more effectively by choosing from an array of actors’ photos to help personalize your lessons. Pick the perfect look to give your content an appealing, personal touch.

Create Custom Characters
If you need more characters to fully reflect your ideas, you can easily create a new character with iSpring Character Wizard. Simply upload images of your choice to iSpring Suite 7 and they will be saved in your character collection.

Extensive Support of Mobile Devices
Design cross-platform e-Learning content for any device your learners prefer: iSpring Suite 7 easily converts your PowerPoint projects to a mobile-ready HTML5 format.

Create Once - View Everywhere
You won’t need different versions of your e-Learning course to deliver it to a variety of devices:

  • Desktops and Laptops
  • Windows & Mac
  • iPads, iPhones, Android devices

State-of-the-Art User Experience
iSpring Suite 7 makes creation of mobile-friendly content easy and convenient thanks to:

  • Responsive Design
  • Adaptive Player
  • Multi-Device Preview

Publish Your Presentations Right Away

While providing a variety of content sharing methods, iSpring Suite 7.1 guarantees high-quality output regardless of what method you tend towards.

Post your content on the Internet

There are number of options to put your presentations online without leaving the iSpring interface:

  • Share and embed courses using iSpring Cloud
  • Convert courses to Flash or HTML5 (or both combined)
  • Instantly upload PowerPoint to YouTube

Publish courses for an LMS

Turn your presentation into an actual e-Learning course by converting it to SCORM, AICC or xAPI package. Perfect support of those formats provides instant integration of iSpring content into virtually any LMS.

Take Courses on iPad and Android. Even Offline!

Free Mobile App allows learners to access their assignments anytime, anywhere, and provides:

  • attractive edge-to-edge representation
  • conveniently streamlined content library
  • all the assignments in one click availability
  • content viewing even offline

Broadest LMS Compatibility

Broad LMS Compatibility

Flawless support of SCORM and AICC standards ensures seamless integration of iSpring-created content with e-Learning environment of your choice. No special adjustments needed to receive detailed reports on your courses’ views.

Record and track highly detailed info on your course takers’ activity and learning results from multiple sources with Tin Can API (Experience API).

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