5 tips to help you sell your eLearning courses

Posted by 18.05.15

There’s a line from the 80’s Kevin Costner flick “Field of Dreams” that has outlived the movie: “If you build it, they will come”. Sadly it seldom works that way in real life, and almost never in eLearning.
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How eLearning can work in the legal industry

Posted by 12.05.15

They say that nobody likes lawyers until they need one. I don’t know, I always liked the profession. Heck, I’m somewhat of a certified lawyer myself, in the sense that, while I have not actually studied the thing, I’ve seen all episodes of Law & Order, The Practice, Boston Legal, Shark, The Defenders and lots of others. That should count for something, right?
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Engaging an Unseen Audience: How to Be an Amazing Online Trainer

Posted by 11.05.15

Can there be anything just as effective as teaching or training in person? After 20 years of e-Learning history, we’re sure: although its methods and tools are pretty different, it can be equally inspiring. Below are 10 suggestions you can implement before, during, and after your next training to guarantee success as an online trainer.
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Use e-Learning course protection in an age of rampant plagiarism

Posted by 08.05.15

Plagiarism is rampant. A recent study of academic journal articles revealed that more than 68% of articles researchers surveyed qualified as plagiarized. If plagiarism, representing someone else's work without acknowledgment, is a problem in academia, authors of e-Learning courses have reason for concern. The Internet makes so much content accessible. Downloading, copy-and-paste tools, and many more technological tricks make a plagiarist's work easy.
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The complete guide for making complying with compliance training easier

Posted by 07.05.15

Compliance training. It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. And that somebody is you, if you are a business owner that wants to enter certain markets for which the law mandates it.
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Why eLearning in the finance industry is very important

Posted by 06.05.15

Banking. It’s what makes our modern economy tick (and, perhaps, tock), and a big enabler of the business and innovation progress we’ve had in the 21st century.
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eLearning for the construction industry

Posted by 27.04.15

The construction industry is a conservative one — as you have to be when you’re a bona fide engineering discipline, and people’s lives depend upon your products. As such it’s not one known to embrace the latests fads and short term trends.
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